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Providing EV Charging Solutions


 Located in the heart of British Columbia, Drive Energy is "leading the charge" in the rapid growth of the electrification of transport. With range anxiety in the rear view, studies show the main barrier for consumers adopting an electric vehicle is lack of infrastructure. Local governments, municipalities and utilities are doing a phenomenal job at investing into electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), moreover there is also a strong business case (ROI) for commercial applications creating a sought-after added-value to customers.



EV Stations Strategic Planning 

Custom EVSE Business Cases For Your Organization

Complete EV Charging Station Solutions

We Are a Turnkey Solution For Your EV Charging Needs


At Drive Energy Inc., we specialize in four key vertical markets to better serve you.


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Hospitality / Multi-Family 

Hotels - Tourism - Developers

There is a great opportunity to be seized by the hospitality industry to retain and gain clients. Multi-Family developers can benefit from a higher valuation price and meeting new municipal regulations. 


Retail - Shopping Centre - Property Management

Whether you want to gain new clients, make it part of a CSR strategy or increase sales by retaining clientele within your store, we have the solution for your organization. 


Car Fleet

Reducing operating costs and Ghg emissions

Would you like to reduce car fleet operating costs? We customize business cases and analysis to evaluate the cost benefit of replacing a car fleet to an electric car fleet.  



NEw and existing homes 

Transitioning to an electric vehicle will change they way you "fuel". Installing an EV charging station at home becomes a necessity. We are here to help you choose the right charger and securely install your new hardware.


Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP)

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What Drive Energy provides

We provide a fully integrated solution OCPP compatible. No need to worry about being vendor locked for the next 15 years. We offer different prepaid plans from 1 to 5 years with many different software companies. We have your best interest in mind this is why we are actively looking for new software options to your benefit. 


We Are Here To Help


Whether it's to answer a question about Strata EV Chargers, do a residential EV charger assessment, or provide more information about products or services, we'd love to hear from you.


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